Anmol Chemicals is the pioneer manufacturers of Caustic Soda, Sodium Hydroxide & Caustic Potash, Potassium Hydroxide Pellets Flakes Powder, Pharmaceutical Excipients Fragrance & Flavor chemicals in India. We offer Halal and Kosher Caustic Soda, Sodium Hydroxide & Caustic Potash, Potassium Hydroxide Pellets made in an ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 (FSSC22000) and cGMP certified facility. Our group has several manufacturing facilities spread across the world, supported by toll manufacturers and representatives in UAE, Europe, Africa, USA, China and has several associated manufacturing facilities spread across India. All the Information on Physics, Chemistry, Applications, Uses and Technology on Manufacture of Caustic Soda, Sodium Hydroxide & Caustic Potash, Potassium Hydroxide Pellets is in these pages.
The units have one or more of the certifications like FDA GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, REACH, Kosher & Halal

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Drum Packing Palletized Drum Packing Palletized & Shrink Wrapped. 25 50kg HDPE Laminated Bags. Exports to USA UAE Europe Tanzania Kenya Egypt Turkey Brazil Chile Argentina Dubai Caustic Soda Pellets Sodium Hydroxide Pellets BP USP NF ACS Analytical Reagent Manufacturers Caustic Potash Potassium Hydroxide BP USP NF ACS Analytical Reagent Pellets Manufacturers

Caustic Soda Pellets, Sodium Hydroxide Pellets Flakes Powder Manufacturers

Italian Potassio idrossido di sodio Soda potassa caustica pellet produttori
German Natriumhydroxid Natronlauge, Kalilauge Kaliumhydroxid Pellets Hersteller
Arabic هيدروكسيد الصوديوم الصودا الكاوية، البوتاس الكاوية هيدروكسيد البوتاسيوم الكريات مصنعين
Dutch Natriumhydroxide-Caustic Soda, bijtende potas kaliumhydroxide-Pellets fabrikanten
Spanish Sosa cáustica hidróxido de sodio, fabricantes de Pellets de hidróxido de potasio potasa cáustica
English Caustic Soda Sodium hydroxide Pellets, Caustic Potash Potassium Hydroxide Pellets Manufacturers
Portuguese Hidróxido de sódio Soda cáustica, fabricantes de Pellets de hidróxido de potássio de potassa cáustica
French Hydroxyde de sodium, soude caustique, potasse caustique fabricants de pastilles d'hydroxyde de Potassium

Sodium Hydroxide MSDS
Potassium Hydroxide MSDS

Sodium Hydroxide, Caustic Soda Pellets BP USP NF ACS Analytical Reagent FCC Food Grade Manufacturers
Potassium Hydroxide Caustic Potash Pellets BP USP NF ACS Analytical Reagent FCC Food Grade Manufacturers

Uses: Pharmaceutical Aid (Alkalizer), Food Additive, Laboratory regent, Etching and Electroplating, peeling of fruits and vegetables in food Industries, Organic fusion’s vegetable oil refining, reclaiming Rubber, Resins, Chemical Manufacturing of various salts and to maintain pH. Sodium Hydroxide solution is used to neutralize acid and also for making sodium salt, and for petroleum refining to remove sulfuric acid and other organic acids. It is extremely corrosive product. Potential symptoms of over-exposure are irritation of eyes, skin and mucous membranes, pneumonitis, eye and skin burns, temporary lose of hair etc. Sodium hydroxide causes severe burns to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Avoid breathing dust and use with adequate venti-lation. May be fatal if swallowed. While making solutions, add slowly with stirring to avoid violent spattering. Wear proper protective equipment when handling, and wash thoroughly after use. Sodium hydroxide requires care in handling. Anyone responsible for the procurement, use or disposal of Caustic Soda should familiarize himself and those handling the product with the appropriate safety and handling precautions.

Industry wise Uses:
 Neutralizer and alkalinity control in analytical chemistry
 Absorption of NOx, SO3 and CO2 in gas streams
 Manufacture of high-purity sodium compounds
 Etchant in semiconductor wet processing
 pH and alkalinity adjustment
 Lye peeling of vegetables and fruits
 pH and alkalinity adjustment
 Reactant, catalyst and processing aid
 Softener for epidermis
 Photoengraving and lithography
 Hydrolyzing fats
 Bleaching textiles and mercerizing cotton

Sodium Hydroxide Pellets Uses

Potassium Hydroxide Pellets; Caustic Potash Pellets Manufacturers & Uses

Sodium Hydroxide Caustic Soda Pellets Manufacturer:

Anmol Chemicals
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Anmol Chemicals

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